Waldorf Blofeld Synthesizer - Logic Pro 8 Environment

PLEASE NOTE: This Environment is NOT supported by Waldorf. They are not responsible for any malfunction of your hardware using this environment.
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- almost all synthesis parameters included
- 5 OSCs, 2 Filter, 4 Envelopes, 3 LFOs, 2 FX, Arpeggio Control
- all parameters are designed bidirectional, they will respond to changes made on the blofeld
- parameters are mixed controller-changes and SysEx-commands

- unzip file
- open Logic Pro 8 (I don't know if Logic express will work, please report)
- open your song, you want to use the Blofeld Environment
- open the environment window [cmd-8]
- select: options -> import environment -> layer...
- browse for the unzipped Logic-file and open it
- select "Blofeld" from the layer-dropdownbox
- this will add the new environment-layer "Waldorf Blofeld"
- assign a midi-track to "Waldorf Blofeld"
- you may adjust your midi-interface I/O according to your setup
- have fun!

- there is no editor for arpeggiator patterns right now, because of rather complicated SysEx design
- changing a patch on the blofeld will not update the environment controls
- ugly parameter value display, because of logic environment limitations
- no patch-browser, manager

You may use this environment for free without any limitations, as long as you leave this package and copyright notices intact.
"Waldorf", "Blofeld" and other trademarks used, are property of their respective owners.

- 2008-04-26
  initial release




package Blofeld Logic 8 Environment (2.7MB)
Logic Pro 8 Environment for the Waldorf Blofeld Synthesizer (v.0.13)
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